If you are new to this newsletter, welcome. Here are ten pieces I recommend for onboarding:

  1. Transperspectival Masturbation - “Transperspectival" suggests the capacity to encompass various viewpoints without fixating on any single one. I hold the position that not only is this attainable, but it also constitutes a foundational aspect of wisdom. Nonetheless, it can also regress into masturbatory thinking.

  2. The “Terrible Communities” series - A five-part series delving into the premise "all communities are terrible communities." The series delves into the terrible outcomes of intentional communal living, terrible people within communities, and promotes the importance of power literacy and friendships of virtue.

  3. Minimum Viable Philosophy - While I am not a Stoic, my “minimum viable philosophy” (MVP) shares similarities with Stoicism. In this article, I suggest that everyone should craft their own MVP. Complementary read: Rather be Stoic than Cool.

  4. A Post-Identity World - A reflection on the concept of identity, suggesting that a post-identity world will be one where people embrace their factually accurate identifiers without undue emotional attachment and aspire to be who they can be within the bounds of reality.

  5. How to Disagree With a Friend - People need to improve their skills in disagreeing well, which requires proficiency in informal logic, the felt senses, and meta-communication. By mastering these areas, individuals can engage in meaningful disagreements that foster understanding and reduce superficial or harmful exchanges.

  6. All Philosophers Are Charlatans - Combining confession and academic philosopher roasting, this meme fest explores the motivational path of philosophical pursuits. Complementary read: The Dildofication of Philosophy.

  7. Overcoming Intellectual Servitude - A discussion on the risks associated with either overestimating or underestimating one's intelligence, with a focus on promoting autonomy in philosophizing. Complementary read: Midwittery to Humility.

  8. How Not to Win in the Attention Economy - The Stoa disables comments on event recordings to avoid the superficial engagement practices prevalent on the internet, despite criticism that this hinders growth and avoids feedback. I argue this approach preserves authenticity and offers a more meaningful, soulful online presence.

  9. Less Obvious - A friend sought my wisdom for his emotional turmoil, but I shared my own sense of confusion and disconnection instead. Reflecting on a peaceful weekend and an encounter with a snapping turtle, I realized that being just foolish is sometimes wiser than striving to be less foolish. This entry marks the beginning of my post-philosophy moment.

  10. New Rule: Embrace the Philosophy of Your Babushka - Despite using sophisticated terms, my philosophical views align closely with those of my grandmother (baba), focusing on God, virtue, hope, free will, and familial love, ultimately embracing the simple wisdom and goodness exemplified by my baba.



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