Sitemap - 2021 - Less Foolish

Fail Wisely

Three Types of Debates We Need Now: Sport, Sensemaking, and Connective

Wise Enough

New Year, Who Dis?

What the Culture War Needs Now

The Spirit Returns

Saintly Desires

Full Potential

Never Abandon Your Family

Arriving Home

Soul-Making With Corona

Meditations From Copenhagen

Saying Tchau to Dirty Expectations

Reluctantly Nomadic

Make a Life

The Second Self

Memeing Through Europe


Coming Home


Playing Game In-Between

The Goal Artistry Primer

Digital Gangs in Dark Forests Who Hold Secrets Dear

Beyond Self-Discipline Zero (BSDv0)

Breaking the Polarity Spell of the Covidiots and Covidians

Wisdom Hunger

The Delicious Life

Real Artists Ship

Stoic Missionaries on Pornhub

Vassal State


Three Risks of Thinking Out Loud

The Club

Midwifing Wisdom

The Most Hellish Scenario of the Meta-Crisis

What Question Are You Living?

Feet to the Fire

A Gnostic Decision

Mapping Heaven

Entangled Forgiveness

A Timeless Condition

Back in the Daemonic Saddle

Burning Status

Beyond Self-Discipline

The Last Dimension of Warfare


Ontological Flooding Towards a COVID Synthesis

No Normal

Summertime Slowness

Still Stealing the Culture

Exiting the Culture War

Discovering Wisdom

Planting Seeds and Pulling Weeds

The Paths You Do Not Want to Walk Down

The Path of Wisdom

Slowing Down to Hear the Daemon

A Blank Page: The Protean Self in Liquid Modernity

Culture War Battlefronts Part 5: Vax Edition

Festina Lente

Two Motivations Dancing

Getting Into the Right Relationship With the Phrase Right Relationship

Culture of Experimentation

Strangers of Virtue in the Hyperconversation

Solo Dolo

Good Philosophy, Bad Philosophy

Loving Love

Good Faith vs. Bad Faith

So, How Does One Actually Reason Well Anyway?

The Adventure or: A Weird Stoic Weirdly Reasoning During the Great Weirding

Deep Disagreements, the Method of Elimination, and Swimming in Logical Space

Neutered Wisdom, Logicbros, and Weaponized Metalanguage

Rationality vs. Reasoning

Guard Your Premises, Guard Your Impressions

Argument Sketches for Being a Stoic During the Meta-Crisis

Straw Man, Steel Man, and All Those Other Men

Arguments vs. Opinions

Reflections After Smoking a Cigar on a Sunny Day

Karma Yoga

Laconicism for the Win

Thumotically Wholesome Energy

Stoics Make Mixtapes Too

Harmonizing Minds

The Rise of Social Alchemy

Bypassing Acuity

Spiritual Bypassing, Psychotherapy Bypassing, and Self-Help Bypassing

Seducing the Artists

Resistance Connoisseurs

Clearnet, Dark Forest, and Darknet

Game In-Between

Daemon Labs

The Opportunity Landscape

This Time It Will Be Alright



The Stoa's Zero Fucks Social Media Strategy

The Culture Dance Part 2

The Riddle of Memes

The Question


Randonauting Towards an Existential Eucatastrophe

The Riskiness of Living

Becoming a Live Player

Spring Cleaning at The Stoa

The Four Attractors of The Stoa

The Good

Winning Together

Culture War Consultancy: Tasting the Thought Soup

The Deadliness Of Doing

Culture War Consultancy: Overton Window Dressing

Timelessness Is on Your Side

Beware of the Sneaky Fuckers

Giving a Gift Without Expecting Anything in Return

Be Kind

The Holy Goof

Grokking Reality with Mental Models

Wisdom Full of Roguishness

Just the Crazy Journal of a Stoic Cowboy

The Wild Love of Leisure

The Cringe Path

Let’s Go

Friendships of Virtue

Betting on the Daemonic Algorithm

Stumbling Towards the Sacred

Leveling Mechanism

Culture War Battlefronts Part 4: Normies Versus Weirdos

Culture War Battlefronts Part 3: Institutional Knowledge Versus Stigmatized Knowledge

Culture War Battlefronts Part 2: Woke Versus Anti-Woke

Culture War Battlefronts

Possibility Zone

The Stoa Game Plan


Dissolving the Mystery

The Virtuosity of the Beauty Path

The Stoa


Life Ops

Easy Categories

The Emo Entry

The Promise Of Adventure Part 2

Leader Hunger

Glocal Spectrum

Virtue is Coming

Cajole Them Into the Spirit of Truth

The Game, Social Alchemy, and Communitas Crafting

The Eros of The Stoa

Coaches in Resonance


Where Truth Is Found

Stoicism Reborn Part 3: The Stoic Ruse

A Secret and an Opening

Courage Reps

Culture War Therapy or: “Conspiracy Theories” as a Collective Rite of Passage?

Becoming a Noosphere Prepper During the Long Night

The Storm Blows Through The Stoa

The Narrow Way

The Apex Narcissist

Aporia Brahs

Good Enough

Trickle-Down Galaxy Brain

No Reason

The Great Spectacle Exodus

Ignore and Prosper or: Openly Yearning and Slowly Earning