Sitemap - 2020 - Less Foolish



Thrusting With Thumos

A Dangerous Game

Love Reinvented


Maybe the End of The Stoa Party

I Have Seen the Future and It Is Frank Yang

Keeping a Little Bit to Myself

Stoicus Pater

Thrown Together

Dialogos Funday Mondays

Speak With Cannonballs

A Stoic Opportunity Part 2: Stoic Daddy Issues

The Unstoa, Lifeworks, and Becoming an Outsider Artist

The Opposition Is the Way

Beauty Will Save the World

Still Coming

Get Better

Getting the Most Important Relationships Right

Alt Accounts, Insight Roles, and Memetic Mediation

The Meta-Troll

Holy Gravitas

Liminal Being

Too Weird

Writing Without a Why


DIY Ecology of Games

Getting Shit Done Part 2

Stoic Prison Gangs

We Are Coming to Give Our Gifts

Mr. November

No Shadow

Heaven Yeah

Sensing Into Your Gift

Becoming a Spiritual Bouncer

Stoicism Reborn Part 2

What You Shame Stays the Same

If You Are Not Playing Your Own Game, You Are Playing Somebody Else’s Game

Cult to Culture

The Next Sage Is the Stoa

Hearing the Music Part 2

Fuck Bodies, Holy Sluts, and the Horny Sage

Go All the Way

Weird Stoicism

Keep Thy Mind in Hell …

Communitas > Enlightenment

Finding the Expiration Date

Rescuing Our Father

Playing Chess With Demons


Befriending the Ego

Chess Player

Looping Effect

Wanting to See Red

Core Challenges

The Language of Status

Thumos Anthropomorphized

A Stoic Opportunity

Questioning Scale

A Loving Space

Interpersonal Load

Wild, Embodied, Modest, and Not Snappy

The Anti-Debate Club

How to Win Communitas and Influence Memetic Tribes

Potent Patience

Beautiful Choices

So, What Do You Do?

Every Time You Go Away

Wild Reasoning

The Culture Dance

Escape the Algorithm

Beginning to Believe

Love Letters

Culture Heist

The Sangha Whisperer

This Metagame Thing

Disarming Bullshit in the Interpersonal Wild

Do Wisdom Gyms Need Wisdom Trainers?

Thoughts on a Former Friend

I Pick Up the Piece

Vanishing Mediator

Egoic Capture

Argus-Eyed to Hungry Ghosts

Let Men See

Netplay Your Way to Game B

Culture War as a Christian Practice

Temporary Autonomous Stoa

Takes His Thoughts Wherever They Go

Stoic Daddy

The Dark Forest

At the Edge of Thinking

Political Aporia

Glimpses of Communitas

Big Daemon Energy

The Generalized Other

Just Fucking Send It

Bullshit Jobs and Existential Labour

Bleeding Real

Making Out With Impossible Love

So Much Thumos

Big Hairy Audacious Goal

Reality Tunnel Dance Hall


Not Cancelled Yet

All In

Philosophical Patronage

Thinking About the Liminal War

Write Like Every Day is Your Last

Being Truthful for One More Day

Wifey for Lifey

Do Not Let Your Hands Drop Down

Risk Being Cringeworthy

Daily Rhythm

The Place That Cannot Be Cancelled

Success System

Harmonizing with Life

Drinking Beer in the Rain

Preparing for the Cancel God

Swirl of Wants

Thank You

The Art of Living

Truth Power

Intimacy Without Friendship

Aperspectival Madness to Transperspectival Lucidity

The Meta-Sangha

Coming to Terms

Turn Shit Into Sugar

Reality Artistry


Metamodern Stoicism, Elegant Resilience and Tribes as a Work of Art

Philosophizing With Others

The Mossless Life

The Last Man Syndrome

Friends With Inadequacy

On the Move

Game B Entrepreneurialism

Enlightened Doomsaying

Holding the Meta

Attempting To Reorient

Summertime Sadness

Minding The Stoa

Interesting Times

Being Irritable

Epic Activities


The Tyranny Of Structurelessness

Running Like Tom Cruise

Nuance Porn

The Spectacle


Philosophical Coffee Shop

The Gift Economy

Getting Shit Done


The Stoic Hustle

The Promise Of Adventure

Finding My Ikigai

Emancipating the Daemon

Entering the Liminal War

Being a Friend

Rescuing the Boy

Noise To Signal

The Meta-Crisis of the Meta-Crisis

Writing Out Of Love


Being a Stoic



Kali Yuga Blues

The Overworld

Spiritual NoFap

Talebian Stoicism

The Long Game

Making Love

Feeling Good and Being Good

Cutting the Epistemic Fat

Getting to Work

Sensemaking Journalism

The Diss of Nietzsche

Being a Philosophical Rockstar

Caveh Zahedi

DIY Ecology Of Practices

James Stockdale

Playing Chess With Cancel Culture

Homosocial Love

The Female Experience

Being Played

Being Messy

Being Lovefucked

Freeing Peterson

Dying to the World

Desiring To Bite

Being An Epistemic Cowboy

Seducing The Culture

Drawing Blood

The Perfect Day

Existentially Lonely

Philosopher Queens

Crying Together

Being a Spiritual Beta Male

The Emotosphere

Believing Beauty

Hearing the Music

The Purification Ritual

Summoning the Truth

Stoicism Reborn

Being Lovestruck

Malevolent Men and Weak Men

Being Authentic

The Death of Tomorrow

Giving a Gift

Spiritual Narcissism

Performative Agnosticism

Spiritual Awakening


Letting Go

The Hemingway Heuristic

Being Uncharitable

Lit Stoics

The Meta Tribe

The G-Word

Building a Relationship With Death

Risking Being Misunderstood

Domesticated Stoicism

Stewarding The Stoa

Dancing During the Meta-Crisis

Stealing the Culture

The Daemon


The Stoa Is Back